Assisted Document Editor for Professionals

BoostDraft imports the concept of IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for document editing. BoostDraft automates tedious documentation tasks such as reference checking, error checking, and format adjustments, and helps professionals focus more on document contents


Software Engineers are super efficient
thanks to coding editors. How about legal professionals?

  • Software Engineers
    A novel assisted coding editor that enables engineers to focus on content rather than formatting
    Legal Professionals
    A legacy word processor requiring manual format adjustments and many scrolls
  • The assisted legal document editor
    that upgrades MS Word for legal professionals

    Continue using your familiar MS Word.
    Your MS Word will be upgraded into the assisted document editor that boosts your productivity


Complete assistance package for Professionals

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    Automatic, real-time format adjustment whenever you edit and copy & paste

    We have developed a robust algorithm that supports a variety of formats, such as contracts, disclosure documents and terms & conditions

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    Reference Popup

    BoostDraft automatically analyzes documents in real-time. It shows the referred contents in a popup format immediately above the reference.
    Goodbye to endless scrolling up & down

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    Keyword Highlight

    With a Spell-check-like interface, it highlights keywords & critical information in real-time.
    You are free from worrying about missing important things in the docs

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    Real-time Editing Assistance

    Whenever editing docs, BoostDraft corrects errors and inconsistencies simultaneously. No need to take your precious time to proofread later


Used by 5000+ professionals worldwide

20+ large-scale law firms and global enterprises are using BoostDraft.
Example: four of five biggest law firms in Japan including Nishimura & Asahi, Yahoo, Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc, and Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
5000+ active users in legal, financial, and investment industries


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    Yohei FujiiLinked In

    CEO / Co-Founder

    Yohei leads BoostDraft to change the world with technology. He has both software engineering and business backgrounds. Before founding BoostDraft, he worked in NTT Research and Bain & Company. He obtained MS in Computer Science from Kyoto University and MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology


  • 100K Competition
    2022 Spring Semifinalist
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  • StartX
    2022 Cohort
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  • MassChallenge
    IBM AI 2022 Cohort
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  • Financial Times
    Commended as Change Maker
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BoostDraft is an R&D oriented startup that aims to extract knowledge from documents
Document editing is just a first step for our long journey