Core Values

The management and all employees are committed to creating the best work environment and bringing innovation to the world.


Innovation to the world

As a start-up company, we innovate the world. Our current innovation in legal industry is only the first step in this direction.


Best work environment

Work is an important part of our lives. We take into consideration the family environment and the preferences of our members to create an environment where they can perform at their best and have fun in a meaningful way.


Personal Growth

As a member of the organization, everyone should be able to improve their skills through their work. Everyone is encouraged to challenge new things and continuously learn so that when you look back in the future, you will realize that you were able to advance to the next step because you worked at BoostDraft.

Communication Guidelines

We have built an international team that includes people who do not speak Japanese. In order to bring together employees with diverse and different cultures and experiences and to work together comfortably, it is often the case that one person's assumptions do not translate to another person's. We have established communication guidelines to ensure the best environment and performance in such situations.

Direct Communication

The basic premise of cross cultural communication is that direct communication is required. If you say, "This is how it is supposed to be done," or "If I say this much, you should understand," it basically means that the message will not be conveyed. Don't think that you are sorry to ask again and again. Don't feel that you have to ask too many times, or that they probably don't get the message, so you might as well tell them.

Positive Intent

On the other hand, to achieve this kind of environment, you need to have a high level of tolerance toward other members and close communication. The Positive Intent is based on three key ideas.

  • All opinions make sense
  • Learn from the opinions of others
  • Direct communication, nothing is intended to be implied

If you think, "I'm being criticized," or "That idea is impossible," or "I think it's A, but I dare not say it," you do not belong with us. Other members may say seemingly outrageous things. However, it is essential to be sincere with them on the basic premise that they have their own situation and that we are not treating them with ill will. Positive Intent is the only way to achieve communication between different cultures.


You must also take very strong ownership of your task. And that is a broader area than you might think. Tasks that are not assigned to anyone else are your tasks. And even if you ask another member of the team to assist you, it does not mean that it is out of your hands, and you are strongly expected to take responsibility for checking the status and that it is working correctly.

It is not your job to fix bugs. Our job is to make users like our products more. To that end, if you don't know the customer, you should ask the Sales team to set up an interview, and if you don't know the code, you should ask someone who does.

If you think "I thought XX would do it," you are not the right person for us. If you feel that you are not communicating well, even a little, you are not the right person for our company.。

If you feel that communication is not going well, you should communicate proactively and take ownership of what others are doing for you.

Other members are excellent, but they may inadvertently make mistakes. You should ask more questions about checkpoints to improve quality, etc., because it is your product, not simply trusting the team.

Logic more than experience

Saying "In my experience…" is the same as saying "I don't know why...". Your experience is great. However, in a team working situation, you need to verbalize not only your experience, but also the learning from it.

Unless they understand it, nothing more than your experience will come out of it. Just because you have a lot of experience does not make you great. Everyone has different experiences, and you can take your discussions to a higher level by referencing those different experiences.

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