Notation based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Service Name 


Name of distributor (company name) 

BoostDraft, Inc. 

Name of Representative 

Yohei Fujii 


〒102-0093 1-6-15,
Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
US Building, 8F 

Contact Us

Contact us at
Our phone number will be emailed to you without delay upon your request. If you need our phone number, please request it via email. 

Selling price 

It will appear on the screen during the purchase process.
Consumption tax is shown as external tax. 

Monies incurred by the customer other than the sales price 

Customers are responsible for Internet connection and communication charges required to view the pages of our website, purchase content, download software, etc. 

Payment Method 

We accept one of the following payment methods:
Credit cards
Bank transfer Other
payment methods provided by the company that handles payment for purchases 

How to purchase products 

Customers who inquire will be notified individually. 

Delivery date 

Unless otherwise specified, the service is available immediately upon completion of the payment procedure. 

Operating environment 

Operating environment is provided as necessary for each product and service. 

Returns and Cancellations 

1. Returns and cancellations for the customer's convenience Due to the nature of the product, refunds and returns are not possible after purchase. Please check the service contents, usage environment and supported models, and the usage environment and supported models of each software carefully before applying for or purchasing the software.

2. returns (cancellations) based on software defects If a serious defect is found in the software, we will provide a version that corrects the defect in an appropriate manner.

Special condition

1. cooling-off policy This is not a service to which the cooling-off period stipulated in the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions applies.

2. Notes on the recurring billing method If the contract is cancelled in the middle of the contract period, the fee will be charged until the contract expiration date, and no refunds, including pro-rated refunds, will be made. In this case, service will also be provided until the contract expiration date.

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  • Notation based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions