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Our business and vision

Development of document editor

We asked ourselves, "Software engineers can code more efficiently thanks to IDEs; wouldn't non-engineers be able to create documentation more efficiently if there were an editor like an IDE for non-engineers?" With this in mind, we are developing a product that applies the IDE concept to non-engineers' document drafting.


AI-based learning process personalization

The "learning process" is an area where sufficient technology has yet to emerge. What is needed is a "super tutor" and the right candidate is a machine. For example, text change history can determine the difference in each user's knowledge and reveal the knowns and unknowns. We are aiming for a dramatic change in the learning process. People will acquire new abilities and their lives will change dramatically. It's exciting to think so.


Why you should work with us


Strong product that
meets customer needs

We have a strong product. We have continued to grow our sales without significant marketing or sales efforts. As a result, we have been able to operate our business without external funding since our founding.


Emphasis on work-life balance Diverse work environment

Our members have important priorities outside of work, and our environment has a deep understanding of them (e.g., childcare and housework.) We adopt a full remote / flex environment.


Heavily invested in team
members’ growth

Each team member is committed to enjoying their time at work. Even if they leave the company, they will be proud to have worked at BoostDraft and will be able to use what they have learned to further their careers. We strive to create such environment.

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