Applying software engineering techniques to legal drafting

Yohei Fujii, an experienced engineer, met Hiroshi Watanabe, an attorney studying at Stanford, while studying at MIT. Yohei and Watanabe, both interested in startups, began brainstorming twice a week for 2-3 hours about what they would do if they were to start a business.

Endless scrolling and search in contracts reviews

One day, Yohei happened to see Hiroshi drafting a legal document.

Yohei said, "Why are you scrolling and searching so much? You spend most of your time scrolling and searching."

Hiroshi "Legal documents have defined terms, and definitions can be found somewhere in this file . But I don't know where it is, so I'm searching for it. And then there are documents that have a lot of references, but there is often no table of contents, so you have to scroll through it.

When we measured the time it took to read just two lines of the article with a stopwatch, it actually took more than 10 minutes. The majority of the time was spent scrolling to other clauses or searching for keywords.

There was already a solution in software engineering

Yohei comes from a software engineering background. When programming, he uses a programming editor (IDE) such as Visual Studio, VS Code, Intelli J, etc. Knowing that programming editors solve the scrolling/searching problem well, Yohei showed Hiroshi the programming editor and explained it to him.

Yohei "In the software engineering world, the scrolling/searching problem is solved."

Hiroshi "That's great. If we could apply this to legal documents, wouldn't that dramatically improve efficiency?"

Realizing the sensitive nature of legal documents and the penetration rate of MS Word, Hiroshi and Yohei took the approach of upgrading MS Word rather than creating their own document editor software.

>100 interviews conducted, >100 issues listed

After a rough draft of the idea was completed, a list of issues for further legal document review was made. We wrote down inefficiencies that were pointed out to us by the awareness of issues that Hiroshi had accumulated while working as a lawyer and by Yohei, a software engineer who is a professional in efficiency improvement with no legal knowledge, from his viewpoint.

The number of inefficiencies reached more than 100. After more than 100 user interviews, we evaluated and extracted items from the list of issues that were particularly painful for those who handle legal documents.

After about a year, the quality of the product was sufficiently high to launch it as a commercial product. Now, two years after its launch, the product has been adopted by almost all large and medium-sized law firms in Japan, as well as the legal departments of many large and medium-sized companies, almost exclusively by word of mouth, without any extensive advertising.

Seed of innovation is found in between industries

BoostDraft is a concept in which Yohei, with his cutting-edge technology and advanced engineering skills, and Hiroshi, with his global professional network and in-depth knowledge of professional document editing, join forces to apply cutting-edge technology used by engineers to the work of professionals who are active worldwide.

The concept is to apply cutting-edge technology utilized by engineers to the work of professionals who work around the world. Before Yohei met Hiroshi, he had no knowledge of legal matters, and Hiroshi had no knowledge of programming. When Yohei and Hiroshi met, they discovered a solution to their problem.

Until now, creating legal documents involved a lot of manual work, not only scrolling and searching, but also error checking and formatting. We at BoostDraft have innovated legal document review by applying cutting-edge technology to these challenges and dramatically improving MS Word to provide a completely new legal document review experience.


藤井 陽平-1
Co-founder / CEO
Yohei Fujii
ex-AI researcher
ex-Bain & Company
MS in Computer Science at Kyoto University
渡邊 弘-1
Co-founder / CRO
Hiroshi Watanabe
Attorney at law
Nishimura & Asahi
MBA at Stanford
LLM at Stanford Law
James Lue-1
Software Engineer
James Lue
MS in Computer Science at UC San Diego
C# / Java
Software Engineer
Kazuki Niimi
MS in Computer Science at Tokyo Institute of Technology
C# / Rust / C++
Ryan Breseman
Software Engineer
Ryan Breseman
C++ / C# / Java / Python
水野 孝久
Software Engineer
Takahisa Mizuno
ex-IBM Research (Tokyo)
MS in Computer Science at Tokyo Institute of Technology
C++ / C# / Rust / Python
Sr. Account Representative
Terry Mead
DC area attorney<
ex-BriefCatch, DataCern
University of Baltimore School of Law
Randolph Macon College BA
土谷 環
Lead Admin
Tamaki Tsuchiya
ex-Morgan Stanley, Rakuten, Shinsei Bank
藤野 知之
Research & Software Engineer
Tomoyuki Fujino
ex-NTT R&D Lab.
MS in Data Science at Keio University
C++ / C# / Python / Rust / TypeScript
Yan Zhu
Product Designer
Yan Zhu
ex-Designer / Developer for Chatbot, BI products, and games
Bachelor of Engineering (Architecture) at Shanghai University
Typescript / Python
丸岡 裕生
Strategy and Business Operations
Yuki Maruoka
ex-Bain & Company from Tokyo
Bachelor of Commerce at University of British Columbia)
常山 勇希
Software Engineer
Yuki Tsuneyama
ex-Yahoo Japan, Silicon Studio
C# / C++
Legal & Customer Success
Yumiko Nomura
Mori Hamada & Matsumoto
LLM at Stanford Law School
Software Engineer
HongJoon Choi
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology computer science (Bachelor's, Master's ABT)
C++ / C# / Java / Python
浅井 哲平
Sales Professional
Teppei Asai
Sales Professional
ex-Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Akamai Technologies


Software Engineer
Do Ngoc Khanh
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Engineering (Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral)
C++ / JavaScript / Python


Software Engineer
Jyun Lin
National Tsinghua University computer science (Bachelor's, Master's)
C / C++
42D19587-987B-4F27-9425-49E3D86384C6 (1)-jpeg


Software Engineer
Siddharth Prasad
ex-Goldman Sachs Indian Institute of Technology computer science (Bachelor's degree)
C / C++ / Python / Java / JavaScript
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