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Since our members can now identify inconsistencies within a document with BoostDraft, there are no more occasions that I leave comments like “Please fix inconsistencies”. We spend less time on formatting and more time on the contents of documents.
Installation / onboarding process was pretty smooth. As BoostDraft natively integrates to Microsoft Word without any hustle, we were able to start utilizing it right after installation.
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For legal professionals, recommendations by AI contract review software are not always useful, and I had concern that such software would not be able to contribute to productivity improvement. 
BoostDraft, in contrast, does deliver tangible benefits to us by specializing in eliminating tedious tasks.
Developers, including an attorney from Big Law, had deep understanding with regard to legal work, and we felt confident in our decision to introduce the software. The installation was also pretty easy, and we were able to use it immediately without learning how to use.
Its security of not transmitting document data outside of devices and reasonable pricing made our internal review / approval process very smooth.

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Although we have considered introducing AI-based contract review software in the past, they did not meet our demand in terms of cost and types of supported legal documents… We decided to introduce BoostDraft with its ease of use, affordable pricing and security.
It’s been a while since we started using BoostDraft, and I see evident improvements in the team’s productivity - for example, BoostDraft’s color-coding function speeds up our review process, and less experienced members are now able to spot minor errors.
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BoostDraft is equipped with features that legal professionals wished Microsoft Word had, including management of comments and tracked changes. This is a software that just meets our needs, and there is not a day that I do not use BoostDraft to review legal documents.
Taking the example of the inconsistency correction feature, it visually highlights inconsistencies in real time, allows users to make a correction with a single click and provides the option to exclude appendix from the scope of correction. The subtle details demonstrate developers’ deep understanding of legal practice. It is also a big plus that it works well on English documents.
BoostDraft has provided me the opportunity to realize that there is so much unnecessary work involved in review and draft of legal documents.
In our case, we feel that our cost saving benefit is 10x greater than the cost of BoostDraft. Especially in the current time, it could be a good alternative to hiring additional staff.
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Our team used to spend a considerable amount of time reviewing English contracts as they tend to be more complex than Japanese ones. With the navigation features, BoostDraft not only saves time, but also reduces the risk of misreading or overlooking key information when reading contracts. While introduction of cloud-based services could incur risk related to information security, BoostDraft works on premise without internet connection, which gives us peace of mind.Their track record working with many big laws and large corporations was also one of the reasons why we went with BoostDraft.
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My team decided to introduce BoostDraft as part of our continuous effort to improve the speed and quality of reviewing and drafting legal documents. We realized an instant productivity improvement after the introduction of BoostDraft because there was no need to change our existing workflow, and it worked just like a native function in Word with a very intuitive UI.
We used to spend a considerable amount of time on proofreading to correct problems, such as errors in section numbers and inconsistencies in formatting. With BoostDraft, we can resolve those problems on the fly while drafting documents. We feel that BoostDraft is a very cost-effective software.
BoostDraft’s security of not sending out data and its proven track record with major corporations and Big Laws also supported our decision.
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My team used to be troubled by the need to spend a significant amount of effort on preventing and correcting minor errors. This was because any formatting errors could give the impression to internal and external stakeholders that we hadn't properly reviewed the document. Even if the content had no issues, it could still have a negative impact on negotiations.
With BoostDraft, we can correct errors in real-time while reviewing and drafting contracts, resulting in better efficiency. The definition / section reference pop-up feature is also helping us review faster. To take an example, terms and conditions that used to take 3 hours to review can now be reviewed in 2 hours.
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