Key Benefits

We solve pain points that are not addressed by existing solutions


Lawyers are forced to spend a significant amount of time on non-value adding work

BoostDraft is designed to eliminate fundamental inefficiencies in legal drafting, so that users can concentrate on the professional services


Busy professionals do not have time to master how to use complex new technology

BoostDraft is natively integrated to MS Word, and users can benefit from new features without learning how to use it


Lawyers spend time scrolling through documents to look for definitions and section references

With the definition / reference popup feature, users can access the information with a single click.


Copy & paste from other documents messes up the formatting of the destination document.

With the smart formatting feature, users can align formatting and numbering with a click.


Word’s standard Input prediction is not fully optimized for legal documents.

BoostDraft offers the optimized input prediction feature with the ability to insert cross-references as you type


Professionals are always haunted by the risk of an error in documents shared with clients

BoostDraft has the proofreading features that catch errors / inconsistencies on the fly


Legal tech software does not get frequent updates, and users do not benefit from the cutting edge technology

With out extensive software engineering expertise, we release monthly updates reflecting feedback from our users


Law firms / corporations are under the ever growing threat of leakage and misuse of data

BoostDraft does not send document data outside of devices to ensure the maximum security


Users do not fully benefit from a new software as they often fail to make the full use

BoostDraft is equipped with very intuitive features that ensure high utilization of the software

No more installation / onboarding headaches

01Before installation


Security assessment for legal technology takes a lot of time and effort


Since BoostDraft does not require the internet, the assessment would be smooth and easier

02Installation / configuration


It is challenging to complete set-up correctly and timely


BoostDraft is a Word plug-in, and it gets up and ready with a few clicks

03Onboarding of users


Users don’t have time to spare to learn how to use a new software


Since BoostDraft integrates with MS Word, there is virtually no need of training



What does the implementation process look like?


Once you're ready for implementation, installation can take place with a few clicks. Please contact us for details.


Are there any upfront costs?


BoostDraft doesn't require an enterprise license. We simply charge a subscription fee per user without requiring a minimum number of users.


What is required to run BoostDraft?


BoostDraft is an MS Word add-on, so users don’t have to open a separate app. This allows you to work in your familiar environment, leveraging other Word add-ons and saving time.


Does it interfere with other legal drafting software?


No, BoostDraft works well alongside other legal tech tools.


Does it have generative AI integration?


We don’t integrate generative AI at this points for several reasons: security, hallucination risk, etc. Our approach is to use technology to address pain points rather than add more complexity.


What are operating environment requirements?


.Net Framework 4.7.2 and above
Office 2016 and above
Windows 10 and above (Mac is currently not supported)

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