The first legal document
editor for legal professionals

BoostDraft transforms MS Word into an assisted legal
document editor that solves fundamental inefficiencies in
legal drafting

Spending hours scrolling through documents to
look up definitions and references?
They are now only a click away. -BoostDraft is equipped with simple
features that just meet the needs to busy
transactional lawyers- BoostDraft seamlessly integrates with Microsoft
Word. There is virtually no need of training.
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Why BoostDraft?


Innovation to your MS Word

BoostDraft solves fundamental inefficiencies in legal drafting that no other solutions have addressed


Tangible benefit

BoostDraft eliminates tedious tasks, so that users can save time and focus more on professional services.


Intuitive design

We designed our software to be simple and intuitive, so that even non tech-savvy users make the most out of it.


Smooth experience

No more wait for your documents to be uploaded or analyzed. BoostDraft work on the fly.


For lawyers, by lawyers

BoostDraft is developed by transactional lawyers to address pain points they experienced.


No internet required

BoostDraft works on device - your firm’s confidential data is protected in your environment.

Key benefits of BoostDraft

No more scrolls / searches for  definitions and references

Looking up definitions and references breaks your concentration. With BoostDraft, definitions are section references are only a click away.



Automate tedious format adjustments

Have you ever frustrated with inconsistencies in font size / style and indentation? BoostDraft adjusts formatting and protects your reputation with its smart format feature optimized for legal documents.



Fast and accurate review with visual aids

Have you troubled with complexly structured clauses and logic in a document? With its underline and highlight feature, BoostDraft helps you comprehend them faster and better.





What does the implementation process look like?


As soon as paper works are done, the installation can be done in as little as a few clicks on the same day.Please contact us for details.


Are there any upfront costs?


There are no initial costs. We adopt a simple per user based subscription model.


Does it work with other legal tech solutions?


Yes, BoostDraft is designed to create synergy with other solutions.