Job posting


Product Designer (Generalist)


- Create visual assets for advertising, promotion, and online presence.
- Plan and Implement user research strategies and usability testing.
- Conduct and evaluate quantitative and qualitative analysis for data, and user feedback.
- Share the findings with the team through written and oral communication.
- Improve the experience of how legal experts work with Microsoft Word, by delivering wireframes, flows, and prototypes.
- Tools: Figma, Jira, GitHub, Slack, Notion, Gather.


**Who you are**

- Share understanding and belief in our company’s mission and values.
- Knowledge and experience in user research and usability testing.
- Have a portfolio that demonstrates knowledge and experience in visual and UI/UX design.
- Be willing to make hypotheses based on limited input, to make projects forward.
- Be self-started and self-managed.
- Actively communicate and collaborate with a cross-functional team of members that work remotely in different time zone.
- Experience using prototyping tools, such as Figma.
- Fluent in writing and oral English.

**Preferred Criteria**

- Experience with working in cross-functional teams and early-stage startups.
- Experience with designing solutions to data-heavy interfaces and challenging B2B scenarios.
- Fluent in writing and oral Japanese.

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